01 Jun 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 5/18/06
4 Members present: Joe W, Velex, Craig, and Tim

began appr. 6:33PM
Joe W. Attempted to get the paper work to update the account. They could not even find the account to begin with, we need someway of idetifying the account.
This weekend Tim will be picking up food at Sams club for the computer club.
He will be buying microwavable goods, candy, ice cream, and soda.
we are still waiting on being approved.
We need to set a time for PLAN B.
However there has been to little insterest in organizing PLAN B.
without brian it’s difficult to get it under contol, and without interest even more difficult.
We have decided unanomously 1:0 to scrap PLAN B.
We need to get organized and prepared for Bronco Bash.
We should start focusing on PLAN 6 for Oct. 14th (Prospectively).
The individuals with geekout should think about cleaning the office, as most of the mess is theirs.
The computer club else wise in the past has been known to be a little chaotic, bt not to the point of being destroyed, we may just leave it the way it is.
The Summer sessions are getting weaker. We may just minimize to meeting once a week at gallaghers, etc.

meeting ajourned at 6:49pm