28 Sep 2006

9/28 minutes

Present: Tim, Carl, Eric, Craig, Dan, Joe, Sean, Brian (taking minutes)

Began: 6:12pm

Office arrangements - The office has been arranged well for selling concessions again. We have office hours covered pretty well but we could use more people, especially in the morning shift of 8am-10am. Imagine, if you will, weary-eyed students attending their 8am classes… what better way to wake them up than an ice-cold Bawls. There is some concern that the shelf for food is not stable but we’ll throw around ideas in the future about how to secure it.

WSA rep - 2nd call for a WSA rep (no volunteers last week). WSA meetings are 4:15-5:45pm on Wednesdays and are important to attend if we want to get funding for certain events in the future. Sean has volunteered to take up this task.

Treasurer’s report - Miles not present, no treasurers report.

LAN party - 6 people indicate a willingness to help. We’ll shoot for Saturday, November 11th 12pm-4am provided that everyone stays interested.

Executive Director - Brian
Sponsors - Brian
Concessions - Craig
Tournament Master - Eric
Auxilary Network Engineer - Joe
Advertising - Dan

VoIP phone - Members seemed generally enthusiastic about having a computer club extension. The extension could be set up to simply record to their voicemail box or forward to their actual phone. Special extensions would be set up for officers currently holding positions.

Geekout - Geekouts have become a more official event and are now listed on our website. To help pay for materials, we discussed the idea of charging $5 for attendees. There were 4 votes for the movement and 3 against so we will hold off untel we can discuss this more.

Concessions for the office - Bawls were purchased from Imperial Beverage in Kalamazoo. We bought 5 cases with 24 cans (16 oz) per case. Members will go shopping tomorrow or Saturday for new candy and other drinks for the club office. We are running dangerously low on several items and are completely out of the essentials… like Skittles. Craig will provide the Sam’s Club membership. We did not set a budget but Tim will go with to keep things within limits.

Seating - We want to buy a couch (or even two) for the club office. A brief look on craigslist lists 2 decent-looking couches at $50 a piece and another at $125. We voted and all members were in favor of a $150 limit to purchase seating this weekend.

Adjourned: 6:57