05 Oct 2006

Started: 6:15pm

Present: Dan (presiding), Carl, Craig, Eric, Isaac, Chris, Vel, Joe, Adam, Brian (taking minutes)

PLAN 6 -
Tournaments - Which 1v1 tournament do we want.
Concessions - Brian tried to get ahold of Eric and Melissa to maybe help with concessions. No response yet. We’d like to have the full concession stand but it’s a lot of work so we may end up with snacks and pop, etc.
Games - CS Source, Quake 4, UT2k4, UT99, Warcraft 2/3, Enemy Territory, CNC: Generals/Zero Hour, Freelancer, Day of Defeat
XBOX - Halo 2
Gamecube - Smash Brothers
DHCP server - Ed’s or bring our own.
Website - Brian is updating.
Sponsors - Brian is requesting sponsorship.
Room reservations - D204-206, D201, D202.
VLAN script - Jim Cotton needs to be contacted.

Presentations - We’re looking for more topics and volunteers to present.
Bash presentation - Chris

University outreach - Dan suggests we offer our services to the cs.wmich.edu website and other university websites to update them.

Blackbox suggestions - VPN, VoIP, etc.

WSA - Funding ideas
Conferences - Linux or other technology
Speakers - Linux, open source advocates
Computer hardware - Provide services for free. Mailing lists, VoIP, etc.

Adjourned: 7:20pm