12 Oct 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 10/12/06
Started: 6:11pm

13 Members Present: Joe W, Mark, Miles, Chris, Brian, Tim, Greg, Eric, Carl, Ed, Sean, Anthony, Velex

Began appr. 6:11PM

Tournaments - 1v1 = Quake 4
DHCP server - Ed’s scripts will be available
Website - Updated
Sponsors - Requests sent
Room Reservations should be all set.(Tim will email ~kathy~)
Concessions - basic snacky foods
Prizes - Gift Certificates, etc
[Need 5 small source prizes($10 gift certs), and bawls for second place team.
Two prize packages (first 35, second 15)for other tourneys.
Total of $150 prize package approved by group.

Presentation Ideas:
*War Driving - mapping software/hardware, router monitoring tools, passive data sensitivity.
*3D-Game Engines - Ogre3D
*3D-Modeling - Blender

Sean went to WSA
Tim plans on attending GSAC/GFAC

Greg’s sister has couch available

Meeting ajourned at 7:04pm