30 Nov 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 11/30/06
Started: 6:21pm

11 Members Present: Mark, Carl, Brian, Anthony, Craig, Eric, Sean, Dan, Chris, Tim, Greg

New Treasurer needed - Miles moving
Sean nominated by Brian
Eric nominated by Dan
Carl nominated by Craig
Next meeting, we will vote

PLAN6 follow-up
Possible on-line servey

  1. Did you think there were enough games?
  2. Did you like the concessions?
  3. What tourneyments would you like to see?
  4. How often would you come to the PLAN if it was held acording to you schedule?
  5. How frequently would you come if the fee were reduced?
  6. How far did you come from?
  7. Are you thinking of attending western?
  8. How old are you?
  9. Would like more information about the computer club at the next PLAN?
    10.Would you purchase Computer Club merchandise such as T-Shrts or PLAN specific T-Shirts?

    Discussed BTN, the CIS computer club

    Possible advitised movie
    Sneakers or Anti-trust possible

    Coach purchase discussed further

    Possible Web Development Meeting Series

    Idea to purchase a wall projector

    Find:Speakers, Movies, Projector/LCD thing, Couches

    Meeting ajourned at 7:15pm