09 Nov 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for November 9th, 2006
Started: 6:18pm

12 members present: Miles, Carl, Eric, Brian, Tim, Susan, Anthony, Craig, Joe, Sean, Greg, Mark

Servers have been setup at Parkview for the Plan
DHCP server needed. Brain replacement will be used.
Jim Cotton needs to be reminded of the VLAN.
Servers will needed to be tested.
Equipment will be needed for Plan 6: Switches, Ethernet Cables, Backup equipment
Sufficient amount of concessions will be needed for the Plan. Craig is going to pick up what is needed.
Discussed borrowing another microwave.
Name tag supplies will needed if name tags are to be used.
Security will be needed for the Plan.
Tournament details and times for the Plan were discussed.
Joe will help run the Super Smash Brothers tournament
Craig was not able to get a couch for the office.
$100 was allocated for free pizza for the attendees of Plan 6
Greg will get a room for Movie Night on November 16

Meeting is ajourned at 7:12pm