18 Jan 2007

Members in attendance: anoobus, ChibiSkuld, scaster, rancor, C4, whitehat, tmiley, Susan, Anthony, gregerg, drc

C4 proposed the creation of a Cisco certification lab consisting of at least 1 2600 series router with 100 Mbps NIC, and one Catalyst series switch.

Vote was placed for 2 cisco 2600 series router (2610 and 2620) as well as 2 catalyst 2924 for no more than $500

  • vote was passed by all members in attendance

    Additional equipment is desired to get some half-dead computers in the office up to speed, including DDR ram, a hard drive, and a composite video to S-Video adapter.

    Tmiley tested the clubs interest in participation of the Imagine Cup 2007. some people were.

    Something about the PLAN

    No one should ever ask me to do minutes again.