01 Feb 2007

Members Attended: C4, Anoobus, rancor, mstaff, rebel, drc, scaster, whitehat, tmiley, chibiskuld, cameron, valex, gregerg, dan, gizmo
Notable Missing Persons: Secretary(legistrate). Investigation to follow. (He showed up extremely late)
Meeting Started: 6.05

C4 got us two computers, we’re not really sure what’s in them.

PLAN starts at 10AM-Midnight
Are ethernet cables being taken out of the room?
CS:S 5v5
Halo 2 Voted on as console Game (Against Gears of War)
Halo 2 will be 2v2
surfed the internet and missed a 5 minute chunk here
7 4 ut99
0 4 wc3
4 4 q4
2 4 ut04
6 4 q3
we have ~900, 250$ for prizes, nametags?, coke?, pizza?

50 for ut
100 for css
100$ to the winning team;bawls to the second place team
100 for halo2
we need some coke.
Name tags?
Western Herald Advertisement? Motion Passed
1 big ad? 2 small ads?
Miller Movie Advertisement? Motion Passed
Pizza- 60$ carl suggested adding salt to increase beverage sales
cameron wants soup or sheppards pie. greg wants mcdonalds.