15 Mar 2007

Meeting Started: 6:05pm
Members Attended:Tim, Eric, Carl, Mark, Joe, Velex, Susan, Dan, Chris, Sean, Adam, Cameron, Anthony, Greg

About 47 people have preregistered for PLAN
Halo 2 at 2:00PM
Counter Strike at 4:00PM
Unreal Tournament at 8:00PM
Finals at the end of the night
Received the extra $100 matching funds for CS tourney metioned previously
VLANing has been taken care of
Bandwidth limiting still needs to be set up
Sponsor Swag has arrived

Brain has died
BlackBox discussed as new Router/Firewall/Asterisks/VPN box
Will have static IP, talking about which ports to request as open
Testicle removal preferred to using BSD (ChibiSkuld)

Meeting adjourned at 7:02pm