01 Mar 2007

Meeting Started: 6:19pm
Members Attended:Tim, Eric, Carl, Craig, Cameron, Adam, Mark, Adam, Joe, Velex, Susan, Dan, Chris

* We have a couch in the club now thanks to craig

* PLAN advertisements stamped with approval
* CS Source Community will match a $100 contribution made by the CC (currently $100, and if CC shells out an extra 100 raising the total to $200, they contribute $100 making it $300)
* Club decided to accept this offer, and will increase the pot (advertisements will need to change to reflect the increased winnings)
* Extensive throttling for individuals, and massive fire walling will probably be implemented
* Finals match for counterstrike, with increased pot, physically monitoring players may be necessary. Blinds are a possibility

Organizational State of Club Room:
* Horton commented that the office is messy
* Cans should be taken care of
* Looking for racks to organize computers(possibly audio shelving)

General Club Agenda:
* Static IP STILL under discussion for Rita
* MCSE Training now available via ChibiSkuld

Cluster Status:
* Dan has three nodes working
* RAM from KLUG still under question(Gizmo uncertain)

Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm