29 Mar 2007

Meeting Started: 6:10pm
Members Attended:Tim, Susan, Zak, Mark, Joe, Velex, Dan, Ed, Sean, Cameron, Anthony, Greg, and 4 guests

PLAN 7 - Went well
Possibly segregate the Counterstrike PLAN and Others PLAN
Poll on the website/forum post requesting feedback
Pizza distribution resolution improvement(tickets?)
PA System/TV feeds/etc for announcements
Permanent IP needed for Rita

Need to setup BlackBox at Parkview

Proposal to switch treasurer position from Sean to Cameron. VP of finance to be created and filled by Sean.
Proposal: PENDING
Vote: Will take place next meeting

Additional presentations should be scheduled

Tim abuses executive power to appoint rouge government with officers in his pocket.

Cluster is working!!!

Proposal to send gift package(gift certificate?) to Jim Cotton for his understanding and help with PLAN preparation.
Proposal: PASSED

Meeting adjourned at 6:54pm