05 Apr 2007

Members present: Tim, Dan, Cameron, DrC, Sean, Greg, Anthony, Eric, Carl, Mark (late, as usual), 3 guests

Presiding: Dan
Minutes: Tim

  1. New officer nominations
    President: Dan
    Exec VP: Carl, Eric, Greg
    Secretary: Matt, Anthony
    Treasurer: Cameron
    VP of Operations: Eric, Greg
    VP of Finance: Sean, Anthony

  2. The black box
    What do we do with that thing? What is it’s status? It has an OS, but nothing configured. We are going to use it as a communications device, with VPN, the Asterisk server, and the IRC server.

    Rita is currently registered with OIT, so we can’t yet re-register it until it gets deleted at the end of the semester.

    A discussion ensued about how DNS worked and how to get Rita registered.

    Also discussed was the firewall configuration and why we don’t have yakko in the office anymore. Tim suggested that we move the black box over to the machine room and configure it from there.

    Eric proposed that we do a barbecue, using the left over burgers, fries and hot dogs from a previous PLAN. Cameron offered his house in Battle Creek for a barbecue.

    Cameron suggested the weekend after finals, but a few people objected due to moving. We are looking at Friday on finals week.

  3. Telephone issues

    DrC wants to to retire the WAXYFAT number for the CCLUB. DrC tells us that he knows of a company that can provide an 800 number for $2.50/month and $25 setup fee. $0.02/minute incoming/outgoing. A local number is $5/month and 1/2 cent/minute for incoming/outgoing. This is through Nufone. We would also have unlimited incoming channels.

    DrC proposed that we vote on getting a telephone number for the CCLUB. We can choose a vanity number for $25.

    We will put the action in for review pending consideration of our finances. DrC suggested that we can do a prepaid scheme. Motion tabled until the next meeting.

  4. The CCLUB has a wiki
    Dan set it up at http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/wiki.

  5. Meeting adjourned at 7:15.