31 May 2007

Meeting Started: 6:29PM
Members Attending: Tim, Sean, Greg, Matt

Geekout - Cleanout - Move Wind tunnel to parkview

Blackbox - openvpn, irc, replacing dot

Nick registration

Tim removes his socks.

Need ports opened to blackbox

Next LAN Party

Tentative: July 20/21

Games:(Rumor has it RANCOR is going to be there!!!)

WOW, Starcraft, UT

CO-OP Serious Sam 2

ATTN: Microsoft Sponsorship

Food/Beverages - BAWLS (bottles)

Prizes: ?

Officers Meeting



Mike Cox - Come to speak!

Protect your kids online. - Keynote Speaker

Identity Theft

Dinner Night - Alumni

BHC Catered - Part of TECH WEEK? Presentations?

Video or Pictures put on /wiki

A movie at Miller?

-Hackers omg

Presentations at Parkview Weekly

Get a room

DRC Shows up


Paridigm Shift

What about 2.1? AJAX

Peer Driven Content

Meeting continues to Gallaghers.

Meeting adjourned: 7:15