10 May 2007

Members: Whitehat, Ed, Dan, Greg, Tim, Cameron, Mel (aka guest)
allocating $48.63 to Cameron for reimbursement for the party.

Dan donated a whiteboard, thank you Dan.
Greg is also going to donate one, thanks Greg.

Horton offered to find a low end router for us, thank you Horton.

Plan B:
Date: ? Some time in summer 2

Schedule for presentations, geekouts.
Greg is building a projector, should we move the screen? People seem to like that idea. Ed is scared to look above the ceiling. This would be a cool geekout project.

Bronco Bash:
We still have our tent, need a location near a building so we can plug our stuff in. We should probably figure out where it's going to be. Construction will probably mean it'll be in the same place as last year. We need some new stuff to show off, like T-shirts. Dan says Bronco Bash would be a good way to pimp tech week.

Tech Week:
Tim suggests one major speaker. We need to find a way to appeal to the public. Tim volunteered to take charge of the whole deal. Dan suggested trying to hook people with presentations.

The office needs to be cleaned again, despite the fantastic job drc did last time.

Rebuilding library. some of the books are old, but not old enough to be humorous. should we get new books? not sendmail, that would break our shelf.

Dan wants us to have club toys, like a wii.
Asterisk account would be cool, we'll actually try to get that done asap.
We want to be better buddies with the CS department, apparently they like us too. It was mentioned that almost all of C208's staff are our agents. We could recruit new agents out of C208

We need an officer meeting to schedule and organize stuff. Tenatively scheduled for 6/09

Meeting ajourned: ent6:30