14 Jun 2007

Meeting Started: 18:30
Temperature: 104°
Members Attending: Tim, Ed, Dan, Matt, Ben, Cameron, Greg, Adam

karma rancor?
rancor has a karma of -∞

Officers Meeting:

Should probably be conducted over the weekend.  After Summer I is over.  Cameron suggests June 30th at 3PM at Cameron’s. 45 minutes - an hour to his house.

Improving Membership - Horton’s coming to the meeting with ideas.  Have professors require students to attend our presentations.

We need ECE majors to help with club projects.

Balloon - Wifi

More Projects and Presentations!

PLANB(Not the birth control…)
July 28th
Someone should contact Dr. Green ASAP.
Rooms required: the same section as last time.

Fall & Bronco Bash

Presentations and fun activities for new students. C4 and mstaff will get some new girls involved. Whether or not sly charisma is used or not is not a concern.
Present VOIP at Bronco Bash - Free Phone Calls?

ATT Sidenote: AT&T–

drc has been appointed SYSADMIN! Congrats drc!

We need a forum. wtf? Welcome to 1990. PhpBB for club members.

Tmiley is talking jibberish. Some guy from electronic frontier foundation? Dinner for alumni. Find some haxzorz at DEFCON to come and present. RSS of who has updated what.

Who has root MySQL access?

Meeting Adjourned: 7:30.