21 Jun 2007

Meeting Started: 18:25
Members Attending: Tim, Ed, Matt, Sean, Dan, Cameron

The office needs cleaned!
The A/C needs to be fixed!
Thanks for the brownies Rancor's mom!
Get some of the chairs out. Make room for more members. Fix hardware, throw it away. Rancor moved stuff. rancor--
DAN is submitting a request for service to broncofixit.pp.wmich.edu! FINALLY!

Officers Meeting
June 30th at 15:00 @ Cameron's
"Tim is a girl/vegan" - c4

Black Box - VPN
Awaiting Dr. Claw's mysterious skillz.
Check VPN over UDP53 (DNS - ;) ;

http://www.whatistheplan.com needs updated! It still says "PLAN8" Need some graphics. Go for it C4.
DEADLINE: July27th

Still need official permission. Greg is handling something for gaming as is rancor. CounterStrike? Free for all. Remove the connections limit! Find the GigE cards!

Bronco Bash
September 7th - After classes stareted. Need to fill out paperwork, want to be near honors college - want to plug in a Jack - Wired LAN and AC! tmiley used his laptop last time as a wireless bridge. It was FANtastic!

We have a tent in the office to use.

What to do for new members. Security presentations? PLAN pictures. HALO3 pre release would own. VOIP phone.

Geek clothing - for girls.

Linux demo. UBUNTU stickers - see mstaff.

Q: What can we offer incoming freshmen?
A: [...]

Can we sell services to students? OIT?

If you are interested in going, contact C4! If you don't know what DEFCON is, contact C4 or use Google.

Meeting Adjourned: 19:11
Continuim to Ghallaghers.