12 Jul 2007

Members: Ed, Mr. & Mrs. Cameron, Dan, Sean, Matt

Meeting Started: 6:00PM
Windoze arrives at 6:35…
Matt arrives at 6:38…

We need to advertise! Parkview Cafe, Western Herald, Posters? Free PIZZA!

Attendees Tab should be working so attendees know what is going on. Plan Website needs banner…

Get rooms approved and print out the email.

Seen Greg? Sponsors… forums… etc… CounterStrike?!?!

Mailing List for Plan Attendees… Auto Response, authorization codes, send emails before the new PLANS! Cameron and Ed are working on it.

Whitehat confesses his trans-gender confusion with Malaysian kids and how to pick up chicks.

Flyers soon - they need to be approved.

Who set up the LAN PARTY PORTAL…?

Concessions? PayPal Pre-regsiter… burritos.

If we had a forum we could post and wait for responses. Or PM each other. A disposable forum box…

what is the plan dot com has been updated.

mstaff - fix PLANB.gif

SPAM SUCKS! Spam Assassin on Yakko.

Who is drinking all the Bawls and leaving the cans all over the place?

webcam doesnt work… hrm

Vanity number 1-800-CCOWMUS

dan breaks the remote

we wait for the arrival of DR.C

DRC throws mulch at the window… haha
whitehat goes to fetch DRC and then we wonder why DRC didn’t just pick the lock…

Need ports forwarded for VPN!!

Carrying on to Olde Pen
Meeting Adjourned: 7:40pm