28 Jun 2007

Members: Ed, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, Sean, Greg, Phorce, Matthew,

It was a lonely summer afternoon as the Computer Cub of WMU began their meeting. It was today, June 28th, at 6:32 PM that we began seemingly on time. Albeit Dan, our president was late, extremely late and Tim was nowhere to be found. Only a feat that drc usually tackles with the naked eye - aligning bits perpendicularly. Dan enters the glory filled room with a smirk on his face. The air conditioner is finally fixed and bellowing sweet cold air, finally our data center can resume at optimum conditions.

PLANB - Waiting on Dr. Greeeeen

Need advertising for PLANB - RANCOR!
Tournament? What games? PC games. Counter Strike. Starcraft, warcraft… Quake3, just for fun. Dan suggests that we should not do a serious competition until fall.

5$ - Free Parking

Sign in and name tags - punch ticket. Hole punch the name tag.

Where are the GigE cards?

Need directions.

VoIP - Get 800 Number. Asterisk… waiting on ports… voicemail - sent to email… drc should set up 800 number with his ping application. One company for incoming, one company for outgoing.

VPN is working.

DRC SHOWS UP! OpenVPN - Tun/Tap interfaces.


Wiki documentation! Hooray. drc++ tmiley+-

UDP53 … nstx… hehe…


We need some IPs and our own DNS.

Backing up yakko… Probably should do something about it. Once VPN is set up, use kerberos or LDAP to authenticate all computers…

Personal backup space, mapped drives. Storage space. Hardware vs software RAID…

The sysadmin lightens the party with mischief…
Here’s your ips. cclub1 and cclub2.

“Hot Dogs”

Treasurer will keep track of usage and bills. Documentation should be well done.

LDAP vs pushing files… drc–

Cameron is allocating funds to drc for VoIP and it is approved. Looking for credit card or something.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:15PM