09 Aug 2007

Members Representin’: Cameron, Cameron’s Better Half, Matt, Greg, Windows, Dan-the-Man

Meeting Started: 18:30PM

We have our LumenLab eVo Projector set up and pointed at the projection screen. Greg fixed the projection screen with his mad hat leet skills. Good job greg!

CClub just got back from DEFCON15! It taught us a lot of stuff. There are pictures at http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/defcon

We like the idea of Hacker Jeopardy. We should do something like this for a fund raiser.

Network visualization for PLAN? Wall of sheep! Demonstration of hamsterizing and other such fun stuff.

Greg’s wii is on the projector. Greg is not paying attention to the meeting… tsk tsk. Not bad looking on the projector. Now mstaff is not paying attention to Cameron rambling. Holy crap the weather thing on the wii looks cool. Crazy legs dan is on - full screen.

There is an Apple PowerMac G4 Graphite thanks to tmiley. Probably the best computer in the building next to Dan’s MacBook Pro.

PLAN8 and something…. shoot.


Balloon - 1000ft. Might be a good idea to get this ready for the Bronco Bash. mstaff and c4 need to get together and put some stuff together to really do some stuff. Parachute cord or something else instead of fishing line. Drc makes DC motor whine. We’re getting a wench and making her do it.

Saturday - Geekout - Guess what’s on the schedule— cleaning… Geeks = Messy

Cameron is hungry.

Becoming a member of TOOOL.US - we have to make small meetings and take minutes then we might be accepted as a chapter.

Meeting Adjourned: 19:25

Gone to Old Pen.