16 Aug 2007

{members here = 1} cameron, greg, mstaff, rashad, ben, ed, and dan…

{meeting starts = 6:35pm}

WMU Network is down because of updates to IOS for the crappity clean access agent.

Orders of business: (Order of listing is order of typing)

Bronco Bash
September 7th!

  • Our booth has moved… :(
  • Behind Everett Tower

    Side conversation about daisy chaining power strips and battery backups.

    Are we going to do the balloon? Probably too late to do that now. Still considering Oberon cantenna.

    Bring extension cords.
    Bring VoIP pay phone.
    Phreaking Simon contest…

    We should probably do a contest for girls that will have to come back later at night.

    CISCO Lab
    wifi hacking demo lab. WEP

    Bring receiver and speakers.
    Ben said he might bring some speakers or something and then when Cameron asked a question Ben goes: “Hold on, I’m doing something important!” as he gets pwnt by Bowser.

    Windows is talking about hacking his apartment… newb.

    Perhaps being next to the chess club will augment our image.

    CCLub needs more Apples.

    Cotton should come to our club or give a presentation.

    Presentations: There is a presentations page.

    We should probably have a webadmin… or a lead web designer. c4…
    First week of school we need to do in the first 8 weeks and send an abstract to Dan Gore.

    Dan would like to present about open source and some wants to go first. He is whining.


    The time and place: Mondays at 6:00PM

    Second week of classes we’ll start.
    Need schedule for Bronco Bash.
    Video tape the presentations for Podcasting.

Week 1 - September 10th
    Linux Distros and Open Source
     Linux install party follows.
    Dan Gore

Week 2 - September 17th
    Basic Linux Usage
     Linux install party follows.
    Greg Ferell

Week 3 - September 24th
    Intermediate Linux Usage

Week 4 - October 1st

Week 5 - October 8th

Week 6 - October 15th

Week 7 - October 22

Week 8 - October 29th

    The Power Users Guide to the Mac
    Tim Miley

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  print(“Carl’s mom is hot…”);