27 Sep 2007

Lots of members.

Meeting Started at 6:15pm.

The projector looks nice albeit . Tmiley did a nice job of cleaning the club office.

If you are eating ANYTHING or drinking ANYTHING take care of your own refuse (TRASH). Throw it in a, SURPRISE! Trash Can.

The projector is flaking out, probably because of the Cat5 or something.

Stuff we’re getting rid of can go to Surplus.

Nobody emailed the potential new members that signed up at Bronco Bash. Whitehat suggested that he himself does it.

We wish we could move the office to Parkview, but we prefer this room. Two offices would be nice, connected with a wormhole.

Are we doing anything for Parent’s Day?
October 6th.

Engineering Bronco Bash
October 2nd
We have two tables thanks to Rashad.

C208 Presentation:
Anyone have any ideas? 3D Modeling. Cash Register App. Perl, Python, Ruby… Coding presentations… Networking simulations, network visualizer… something semi-automated, something pretttty. Gaming.
Linux Presentations etc… Virtualization, VmWare XP on Ubuntu. QEMU. Payphone.
Vector rendering or something with the cluster.

MIT++ Magic and More Magic switch.

Good thing Windows brought his wifey.

Fixing the screen. Put in a maintenance request DAN!

Coke, Diet-Coke…

Jolt, Jones, Bawls - WE GOT ‘EM!

Raceway for cables. Payphone was bought on ebay.

Tmiley is Paranoid.

Sparc Ultra10s loanable.

Can we get some rack mountable stuff? Get the stuff moved out of C208 before parent’s night.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:45pm