20 Sep 2007

Members: Lots like 20 - if you would like to be added:

sudo vim /var/www/html/minutes/2007/minutes.20070920.html

Whitehat, c4, mstaff, dan, grg, tony, cameron, girl, three more doods, phorcep, windows/ben, tmiley, rancor, zach.
Meeting Started: 6:15

Dan starts the meeting with a somber tone. Whitehat questions mstaff if he is taking minutes. Someone mounted a projector. Props!


Need some cables. I have some cables.

Cameron talks about Coke and Pepsi. Coke is better. Who is stealing pop? Excel, what is that? Case deals. Beer?

Something about hookers and how they are bad.

Phorce is interested in installing SAP.

Rancor is not here. Hooray! Whitehat stares dismally into abyss. His hair straggly and matted like a dirty tired goat.

Tmiley is speaking Spanish. “Ci Ci Ci! Ci!! … Ci!! … Ci Ci Ci … Ci” is coming from his laptop…

Linux Install Party

System Rescue CD
Gnome = GA-NOME

There are a lot of people here.

Anyone want to do the Democrats website?

(Central Michigan University)–

Dell representative was here. Sponsoring some of the PLAN. Don’t know what the heck the PLAN is? Check out www.whatistheplan.com

CS Source over VLAN to Chicago University.

iPhone hacking.

Windows: “We have to figure out how to hack Ted Turner…“
CCLUB: … silence …

Side Chatting

We are a tame RSO.


Kerberos, LDAP, something called UNIX.

Asian Cluster.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:50