11 Oct 2007

Members Present: Chibiskuld, Legistrate, Hassan2, windows + female windows, Cameron, Dwight, Kyleboy7, whitehat, studio, butt, phrozen, Timothy, Carl two other randies.

Meeting Started at 6:15pm

Dan is planning on splitting us into committees, he wants us to do work and stuff.

Presentation - drc +Dan + Sean + Greg

PLAN - Eric + Greg + Drc + Cameron + Corey + Kyle

Office - Timothy Miley + Chris H. + Mstaff + Ben + Cameron

Constitution - Dan + Greg + Ed + Drc

Faculty Relationship - Dan + Sean + Chris H.

Extra Activities - Sean + Mark + Stu + Chris H. + Dwight + Jesse + Andy + Dan + Eric

Publicity/Web - Rashad + Female Windows + Greg + Drc + Eric

Sys Admins - Chris H., Ed


Ben is taking off clothing

Eric and Greg are chalking and advertising this weekend, please come help us so we’re not alone and friendless and cold.

Sign up for Wired for the cclub?

boob spelled backwards is still boob

drc came in here, we like him.

dan said for the committees to do whatever they want to do

People with office hours be in the office at those times.