18 Oct 2007

Meetin’ Started: 18:10.

Dan Gore is the President? Mr. Gore inquires if the minute taker is ready to take minutes. The minute taker confirms his preparedness. For some reason it is really warm in the club office and Mr. Rancor has disappeared. That guy! Lately Mr. Rancor has disappeared from CCLUB meetings. It seems like there is no reason to consider carrying on this conversation, but it is not really a conversations because it is one sided. So please refrain from posting lude comments on the forum below. Thank you tmiley. Gregerg shows up contemplating recompiling his source code slash kernel of Linux.

Dan Gore is getting antsy about starting the meeting. We should probably have more PRESENTATIONS. Dan attempts to write an <html> <form> so people could submit their ideas, but he suggests that we just utilize email for such communication. Whitehat chimes in with how lame his presentation is going to be, but for some reason nobody seems to care since his marriage is really stressing him out. I’m sure most men can relate to the utter haste it causes for most of society. There was a saddened hush that fell over the less than usual Computer Club attendees as Whitehat failed to mention the legality of “Sequel Injection,” or better called “SQL Injection.” (es queue el) Squirrel, or Sequel. Rancor attempts to clear his tab for the Computer Club drawer. Yes! We have a cash drawer and we use it. Come stop by and purchase some goodies for yourself. Give a mouse a cookie, he asks for a glass of milk. Dr. Claw owes the drawer one dollar and fifty sense, I mean cents.

Carlos (C4) is supposed to be doing a presentation on Locksport later on.

We should talk ‘bout subnettin’! Rancor appears grumpy as the magical butterfly flutters in his hair. Who had Jimmy Johns this weekend and left their crap in the club? We’re going to fingerprint everyone unless Greg confesses. We did receive a new fire extinguisher for our room. Good thing, in case there is a fire, but Tmiley removed it. Hopefully we never need a fire extinguisher because we do not have one. Would someone like to get us a fire extinguisher. More complimenting on funny XKCD and funneh pics on the internet. Thank you.

The PLAN8 LAN PARTY is coming soon. It should be pretty fun. WMU Homecoming is this weekend and everyone should go and enjoy themselves. WMU has a new AD Campaign, it’s quite funny. We’re still better than CMU in every way. (CMU Students, you may email us and we will prove your complaint.)

Jim Cotton should precipitate his knowledge to the world and Whitehat is a snoop. I hope his wife never causes him to look over her shoulder, because he will probably complain. I like her a lot. Thanks babe.

Mstaff brought the computer club a VGA cable. What a nice guy. Hey My Frien’! Would ANYONE LIKE TO DO A PRESENTATION ON PHP!? BASH = DRC. Sea Four considers “winging” his presentation and wishes for a “white thing” to be there. Is someone going to advertise the presentations? We have a director of PR. In a world of SPAM, the computer club would like to participate, but we would like to not be spammed anymore. So stop it you Montagues.

We would like to become DEFCON miniatures. Firewire is so much better than USB. www.apple.com ==> PLEASE SPONSOR US. As Cameron considers speaking, the misses enters the room and hinders that idea. Laughter fills the room as he considers running away.

Dell is threatening to sponsor us. Note to Apple Inc.: We wouldn’t mind an academic sponsorship, nor would we mind testing any of the equipment/ideas/etc. that you would like to invest in. Cisco is way better in networking than IPTaBLES or anything linkux. Greg complains about talking about important stuff. Then we realize we are the computer club.

Red Octane would like to contribute? That would be fun. Contact us. Someone is donating servers? Rancor is not using his XP box or something because he cannot overclock his USB ports anymore than they already are. Whitehat sits silently waiting for a nudge from his wife to go mow the lawn.

We need help “Flyering.” We need help advertising and /etc/init.d. Someone suggests calling up the PR director. I would like to eat some Pizza and some Pumpkin Ale.

Meeting Adjourned: 19:00!