24 Jan 2008

meeting start 6:08
schedule now available for presentations post at park view
we are now in the engineering news letter

Special happy birthday to kyle++

Whitehat has people skills and is now Cameron’s boss

bake sale for computer club
Voip by drc tonight

next week gizmo doing something to know what refer to last weeks minutes

cluster fuck brought to you by dan

Stu sucks as a cameraman, shaky cam

we need a flashplayer for our videos

Plan 9 on March 22 Confirmed
ideas for tournaments
TF2 5V5
StarCraft (tournament style)
Super smash brothers brawl
UT3 2v2 or 2k4 1v1
Counter Strike “Can eat a dick”
Halo (shot down)
old style fps
vote for console game for last game 4v4
still turn down

*Prizing structure change
get money from wsa
pricing $5 for members $10 for others
need to get become an rso again
submitting a constitution is way to hard

Skuld– and is universally reviled

subcommittee for plan
sponsors grg, kyle, rancor

WSA = fascists

rancor arrives with a hat on that looks like a cancerous boob

Make sure network is working for plan(Cameron get on it)

DRC shows up 6:32

Free pizza for plan from sponsors or something

Weird Contest
Benchmark Crysis
Best case
Coolest computer not in a case
lamest handle

cluster stuff
podcast crosstalk
meeting adjorned 6:54