17 Jan 2008

meeting called to order 6:14
sponsored presentation today overclocking
Next week Voip by drc
followed by vpn by gizmo
Plan C: some time in the later half of semester
Stu says "Tournaments are pretty sweet"
Tourney for plan
Anyone doing a presentation must write a description

Club project

We need a new office manager
Kyle nominated for head of office committee and seconded.
Kyle office manager running unopposed vote passes
Kyle now office manager
drc shows up about 6:30

back to plan
big v. little
prizes entirely from sponsors
plan committee meeting tommorrow
write up project ideas and cost estimates
game design
(radio shack)--

presentaions now in C124
Stu says we need at parkveiw
podcasts for presentations
webcam discussion
grg v whitehat subject "my webcams better than yours"

stu is running home... to get his camera

robot with laser

for the record grg's webcam is probably better
meeting adjorned 6:52