04 Sep 2008

Meeting Start 6:20

Greg: How to Brew beer
Shubat: History of computer club(Not on a third Thursday)
last thurday of month or second
Bash and Voip for DrC
Sean: Anatomy of a computer virus
Intro Linux
Using yakko/geekboy/VPN (What can CClub do for u?) 2 people
Move presentations to chem building

Plan 10

Bronco Bash

Gas is 156 roughly for the first run 200 and change for both balloons
still need webcam working, batteries, kamakazi on router,
RC car batteries
Meeting Saturday 2pm

Red Button games: Sharing tent at bronco bash and let them use our space

DrC arrives 6:34pm

Poll people about presentations they’d like to see

Computer club T-shirts, SeaCowMu

Phone service in club
Setup outgoing for club
800 number for 2.50 a month
Vote for 800 number for club $50: passed

becoming a Voip provider for people
rough cost per person .75-1.50
adjorned 7:33