11 Sep 2008

Whitehat starts meeting late- 18:10

New guys introduce themselves. Most heard of C-Club from the signs, heard about it in computer science classes, or from friends.

Bronco Bash was a rousing success, only one person was injured.

DRC was early but Cameron arrives- 18:21

PLAN 10- Tentative Date: November 8th
Tournaments: Team Fortress II
Star Craft
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Call of Duty 4
Unreal Tournament 4
Red Button might have a game ready

Presentations: Tonight! Crowbar’s pres. On C-Club’s resources
Cameron- Linux software
Professor Trenary’s pres. from last year

Linux install party!
Crowbar wants to order real Linux discs to burn for people to give away. Cameron guesses club has about $1100. Location Chem. Building or Parkview (someplace with air conditioning). Tentatively Saturday, September 20th 12:00pm at Parkview 2-8

Website sucks! Stu wants to update. Tim suggests building a sys. admin. group

Stryker donated a bunch of shit.
C-Club thinking about buying CCNA certification books to certify peeps.

Meeting adjourned 18:50