18 Sep 2008

linux install party-Saturday 2008-09-20
1:00p.m. Cclub room
face book agendas-join up
balloon cam. Lunch date- 2009-03-30
find cheap imagrint with web cam attached
rug bug with web cam
main cab. Project
sole cal. Tournament 2$ buy-in room: d109 hosted by red button
plan meeting on 2008-09-20 at lynx install party
plan 2 days?

of tournaments?

Plan sign up was passed
plan November 8
Dr. Ternary- old folk it help possibly on Saturday afternoons
shu bot presentation 2008-09-25 on bash shell/scripting or on Cclub history
electronic workshop - make little toy to play with
500$ in savings and 300$ in checking depending on what clears
no project is stupid until we vote on it
thoughts on a touch tablet for new project
penguin humping window?
underground printing <10$
winning t-shit drawing gets free t-shirt

meeting over 18:56

noted by Vox