06 Nov 2008

Meeting begins 18:10 (kinda)

Secretary is not here (again) everyone wants to fire him. Motion passes unanimously.
Nominated: Jen, Spacey, guy in funny hat
Jen wins new secretary position like Obama won California!

Rancor’s beard makes him look like a faggot.

Shit went down with Yakko 11/5/08
Lost everything but back-up directory
1/4 main directory
Lost 2-3 days of home directories (including email)
Some personal email pages will need tweaking
Mailman is GONE, mailing lists are GONE
Result of a hardware failure or malicious hack
Luckily, IRC and email is all back up
Probably need to set up a more secure thingy (super block) and don’t use an OS for which service is expired and restrict sudo access
Geek out this weekend? Ben in charge of organizing geek-out, Sunday at 1pm(?) with Jon, Ed, DRC
Email Jon’s Yakko email with suggestions/requests for server update

New Phone Number
Costing club: $15 to open
2.4 cents/min incoming
1.4 cents/min outgoing
$50 currently on account

Friendship Village Information Session
Meeting at club office Saturday 8th at 12:45, carpooling to FV by 1:00
Bring waivers
Total attending: 11

Tournaments: SolDat
Team Fortress II
Super Smash Bros.

Being ordered 11/7/08
Get one now!

Future Presentations
Kyle will figure something out
Version Control
Basic Password Protection

Jon talks too much.

Jay’s presentation tonight! :) ^^ ^_^ <3 (:

Meeting dissolves into mostly chaos

Sean keeps yelling at Jen like she’s four/retarded

DRC never arrived :(

Meeting adjourned 18:39