13 Nov 2008

Meeting called to order: 6:14:00pm

Drc arrives: 6:15:30pm what a late bastard

Spacey is writing minutes in place of the slacker secretary Jen

Studio - Do we need someone to be an official secretary, or can we just force it upon unsuspecting noobs on a meeting by meeting basis?

Response - Well, unless we want to rewrite our constitution… and we are kind of lazy, so no.

Second order of business: FRIENDSHIP VILLAGE

Jen arrives: 6:17:30pm. I guess being married to the president conveys a slack sense of duty

We went to friendship village this past saturday for the intro trip, and we will need people for this saturday for another orientation. Whitehat will go again, so will Grg, Dora will not be able to since she is going to kill bambi. We can always use more people. Like last time, we will meet at the CClub office beforehand.

Third order of Business: PLAN X

Sponsorship: edgetechcorp.com might sponsor the cclub in general, but we are attempting to convince them to sponsor Plan X in addition. As payment we will put a link on our website for their site. We will get a discount on our purchases from them - more details will be coming soon. Do we want to ask them for a set percentage off? Thinking at least 25% off.

Kyle will be printing up flyers for the Plan X tomorrow. We should also chalk up the campus in addition, even though it is supposed to rain.

Next order of business: Presentations

Whitehat’s presentation! Computer Virus!

Crowbar is talking about something, but he’s quiet and no one is listening.

Jade can possibly do one also.

We need more presentation ideas for the upcoming semester.

Next order of business: Project Kits

Need to clear off the work bench - in part, Move Uber Yakko!
Drc is talking of project kits, no idea what though. Something about TV Be Gone Kit ($15)

Next order of Business: Uber Yakko Migration

Crowbar - U-Yakko done by Thanksgiving. Will replace Dot and Yakko (dot - irc, voip, opendpn server) Web server on yakko again? If so, we are retarded. Sys logs being sent to Ed’s machine. Rita is also going bad - possibly turning into a Syslog server.

Subtopic: trimming down the access to sudo. Will also force better passwords for all yakko accounts. Ideas for sudo trimming: Keep it the way it is, pare it down to only officers/sysadmins, a Tiered system (sudo to some things, but not others depending on role)

Crowbar went back to his corner and keeps trying to talk about important things that we can’t hear.

Nxt Order of Business: Fund Raisers

Kyle’s idea is wondering if anyone else has ideas. So useful.

Mel’s Idea is a Bake Sale (cookies, cookies, etc)
Cost: $3 per 2 batches. Selling cookies for major profit (1000% profit margin. Even the underwear gnomes didn’t have it this good)

Added idea: Also sell hot chocolate / coffee at this bake sale

Next Order of Business: Tie back to old order of business - Rita. Crowbar needs to learn how to project his voice.

Next Order of Business: Solicit some local guy for a presentation about games, cause we all love games.

These orders of business are getting short - we must want to leave

Runt died, Crowbar babbled, no one listened. Something about replacing Runt with Old Yakko when it’s pulled from Parkview

We need a geekout - possibly this weekend after Friendship Village. Ideas?

Meeting adjourned - 6:49pm