14 Jan 2009

Meeting starts 6:11

Friendship Village
Saturday January, 14th

Apparently Scarlet isn’t actually a freshman anymore due to some sort of “credits”. You may still call him freshman but he would appreciate air quotes when using the term. This is entirely optional, however.

January 22nd- VIM presented by Steffo
January 29th- Phishing presented by Whitehat
February 5th- Motion Capture presented by Zerf
February 12th- Intellectual Property Law presented by DRC
February 19th- TCP/IP presented by Lazer
February 26th- Something by Cowbar
March 19th- Soft RAID presented by Cameron

PLAN- Tentatively March, 28
Team Fortress II
Guitar Hero
Smash Bros. Brawl
Left 4 Dead
Everyone loves the idea of a “Classic” PLAN (Retro-PLAN, Ye Olde PLAN)

Wass is okay.

Cleaning party this Saturday. There will be PIZZA. It will be around If you don’t come, you don’t get to keep your club key. We’re still looking into alternatives to this key problem. Getting a doorknob with key pad is a possible option. Building services are probably the people to talk to.

C-Club getting in on an open source project, or starting up one of our own. Such as, a blackboard application.

DRC arrives 6:47


Lazer likes Pixar movies.

Meeting adjourned 7:05.