07 Jan 2009

Meeting starts 6:13
Welcome back!

The building coordinator will not give us any more keys. Jesse suggests we get a key safe to put on the door so every club member has access. Club is unofficially allocating $20 to this project.
Cameron is looking into getting a list of names who keys have been signed out to so we can track them down (there are over 12 out there!)

Greg’s Analogy: Would you go to a friends house and, not understanding how a microwave works, stick a bunch of metal in it and run it for a couple hours? Well, don’t do that thing to our server!
Translation: Don’t fork bomb the server on accident.

Office Cleaning
This must be done or we may lose our room! We should schedule a monthly cleaning date.

Presentations Finalized! Jen refuses to make another list of possible presentation topics because she is forced to do this every week. Please see previous minutes.
Smidget-Jan. 7th

Greg makes a chart: Who is not available on what days
Fri- No one wants to come
Splitting up meetings and presentations?
bad idea- presentations would get no turn out, they’d be forgotten about
good idea- drink specials at Bilbo’s

Presentations are tentatively going to be scheduled on Thursdays at 8:00pm. This avoids conflicts with professors we want to come who have classes, etc.
Next presentation is Steffo’s VIM presentation on Jan. 22nd.
February 5th is Photoshop or motion capture presented by Zerg

DRC has arrived: 7:13

Meeting adjourned: 7:14