04 Feb 2009

Meeting begins 6:08

Jesse is going to make a banner image for the website, we would like him to make it pretty but not gay.
Greg and Whitehat are going to send off a few sponsorship requests this week. Kyle is MIA, however.
Table tents will be put out in March

Crowbar is working on Uber Yakko- contact him on geekboy if you want to help out
We need LDAP, it’s holding up progress …

Shirts are order!
Stu still needs to get a proof and then shirts will be sent out two weeks after that.
If you still want to order a shirt you can get $10 to Cameron or pay through paypal.

Friendship Village: No volunteers thus far, Greg’s still

Sudo: Some users with sudo were using it to play pranks on other users and so lost their sudo privilege. As of now there are no sudo guidelines so we will be brainstorming and putting new rules into the constitution.

Potential Sudo Guidelines:
No unauthorized access without just cause
No pranks what-so-ever, respect other members
All software additions/removals must be made public (possibly creating a separate log file for installs)
No installing potentially harmful software
Sudo access will be granted by President and Vice President
If these guidelines are not followed Sudo will be suspended until the situation is reviewed by President and VP

Balloon project is still active, FYI.

Purchase of a bulb for the projector has been authorized!

Zerg’s presentation tomorrow 8:00pm in Dunbar, Studio A (in the basement). It’s about motion capture! It’s gonna be awesome! Whitehat is gonna wear a skin tight suit!