11 Feb 2009

Meeting begins 6:08

Cameron has SHIRTS! He best show up.

Friendship Village 2/14

PLAN sponsors
Fliers need to be made

Upcoming Presentations
February 12th- Intellectual Property Law presented by DRC
February 19th- TCP/IP presented by Lazer
February 26th- Something by Crowbar
March 19th- Soft RAID presented by Cameron

Balloon Project- Still going?
DRC has been working on it but lots still needs to be done

Engineering Student Organization Meeting
Dan attended, no one bothered letting CClub know though
They’re encouraging organizations to host geeky, educational events to be hosted in April

Cameron arrives with shirts! Everyone is happy.
Extras are being stored in the office and shirts that need to be shipped will be going out ASAP.

Cameron got an email about the next Science Olympiad which will be March 24. It’s a science fair-ish thing for middle school and high school kids. They requested that people help out with events as Western is hosting it and there are multiple computer related events.

Jen continues to take minutes despite everyone thinking the meeting is over.
Jen’s taking minutes about Jen taking minutes.

Smerky’s shirt is NOT tucked in! Neither of them! It is because he is not wearing a belt. He’s allergic to belts.

Stefo and Cokezero are playing some form of mini-baseball.

It’s over and no DRC 6:38