18 Mar 2009

Meeting starts at 6:19PM

Smerky appointed to interim secretary since Jen is not here. Need to find out if she will be here in the future.

-Chalking for advertisement.
-Rooms have been reserved but for the wrong weekend. Cameron will fix it.
-Need to talk to cotton.
-Crowbar needs to print out more fliers.

-Jason Smith is the last presentation.
-Travis Thompson in on March 19th.
-Need to see if Cameron will be ready for next week.

So, I do not know what is going on with the meeting. It’s all a bench of random conversation.

The IT forum is going on April 3rd at 7:30. First keynote speaker doesn’t start until a little later.
Location: Fetzer center
Register at:

Stuff about knots…

Door sensor:
Potential project

VOTE FOR THE COUCH: tinyurl.com/cclubCouch

Now we’re watching Kyle play UT3.

Meeting ends at 6:55PM.