11 Mar 2009

Meeting starts 6:12

Friendship Village the 14th: Smerky

The office is too dirty! Cleaning day Saturday, March 14th
There may be pizza, but you may have to pay a lil bit cause it cost us too much last time.

Cameron bought us food. There’s lots of it.

-We need a copy of Street Fighter IV. Ben volunteers his.
-Flyers are made and need to be put up soon. It’s too late for us to do table tents.
-Kyle and Greg are working on the firewall and game servers
-Greg is going to reserve room

Cameron has not mailed out alumni t-shirt, someone yell at him.

Geek Games is on April 15th
-We have some ideas but feel free to volunteer your own ideas
-Smerky is kinda heading this whole thing up and will make sure we’re signed up in time

DRC arrives 6:21

Trenary canceled his presentation which was supposed to be tomorrow. Whitehat is going to do a last minute presentation on something.

Smerky found a furniture store (VermeulenFurniture.com) that is having an ugly sofa contest and thinks we should send in a picture of our couch. First prize is $1000 gift card, Second is $500.

Dan has an idizzle for a campus wide Left4Dead campaign. People seem interested and interesting. Everyone is talking at once.

Cameron is having fun with pennies. Everyone is talking annoyingly and I can’t hear anything important.

Meeting over at 6:31