01 Apr 2009

Meeting on 4/1/08

Meeting starting at 6:23PM.

LDAP NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED. Or else we’re without email by the end of the semester.
We need to get the email stuff straightened out by the end of the semester. We need to set up an LDAP query by the end of the semester. Groups need to be included also.
Could keep it on Uber or another machine but it needs to get down.

Talking about possibly buying a computer. But it is being held off in case the Bradford system goes into implementation. We also have about $1400. Kyle said that he put together a good machine on newegg for $700. We may hold off on buying it if we need to by gigabyte switches.
If Bradford system is implemented then we may have to do all the wiring for PLAN our selves. The cost figures for cabling would be $70 1000 foot spool of Cat5e and $40 for 200 male connectors.

Drc arrives at 6:38PM.

Blah blah blah.

Nothing seems to be going on at the moment.

Meeting ends at 6:56PM.