08 Apr 2009

-shortstack is taking minutes, smerky is gone (he is here now)

-cameron doesn’t like pennies, knock it off jerks

-6:15 greg calls the meeting to order

  • bulb ordered from lumenlab (back ordered)

  • ordering a bulb from somewhere else (give us the link rancor plz)

  • cameron is sending cclub shirts to satallite members tomorrow 4/9

  • jason smith is presenting tomorrow 4/9 he devlops gnome-do, he will
    be presenting on open source programming, someone bring a webcam plz

  • we’re making a l4d campaign, meeting fter this meeting (GRABBIN’ PILLS)

  • discussion on what we can contribute to the CS department that is missing
    from the current curricilum

  • trenary has ideas for the club, for example an on going computer club
    project that perhaps counts as senior design? he will be here next week to
    bestow his wisdom upon us in this regard

  • discussion about using a google mail group for the club, i.e. for plan,
    for the pres, etc.

  • sold some access points, 425 bones!

  • kyle proposes purchasing a good computer to act as a media server and a
    gaming machine. priced out at 762shipped. PASSES.

  • bradford system has been aproved, possibly rolled out on resnet next fall
    this may not end up affecting us regarding PLAN

  • ryoungs’ cousin can get us cheap networking wire, thanks ryoungs!

  • pres: Ben nominates Butters, seconded by Cameron; rancor nominates greg, seconded by dora
  • VP: Cameron nominates Lyth, seconded by Kyle; greg nominates butters, seconded by rancor
  • tresurer: cameron nominates lyth, seconded by ryoungs
  • Sec: ferret nominates smerky, seconded by ben;
  • VP finance: smerky nominates himself, seconded by shortstack
  • VP Ops: zerg nominates crowbar, seconded by ryoungs; rancor nominates stefo, numerous seconds,ferret nominates ben, seconded by rancor

  • office manager: smerky nominates himself, seconded by shortstack; shortstack nominates rancor, seconded by ferret

  • FRIENDSHIP VILLAGE who is going, need two people

  • meeting during finals week is yes

  • 6:47 meeting adjjjjurned

  • crowbar drew up a plan for uber yakko, looks professional, thanks crowbar!