10 Sep 2009

CCLUB Minutes September 10, 2001
2244 Kohrman Hall
Western Michigan University

President: grg
VP: butters
Treasurer: lyth
VP Finance: Smerky
Secretary: ryoungs (interim)

grg opens mtg at 5:28 pm

grg registered new email ccowmu@gmail.com for events, shwag, etc

VP ops still needed – stefo not a WMU student anymore
position filled by crowbar with no objections
scarlet can’t be secretary – secretary still needed, preferably a freshman

grg, rancor, kneuts, ryoungs, drc(?) available for bronco bash
crowbar available at 2, smerky available by 12
butters said he could bring laptop with 3 hr battery life
jade said he has deep cycle battery and inverter to power laptop at bronco bash for slideshow
sign needed to indicate computer club at bronco bash
rancor said crowbar could undertake getting a sign made and it would cost about $25
zerg asked to do banner for cclub but crowbar said he’d definitely do it
crowbar said zerg is doing the sign for sure
lyth inquired about souvenirs for bronco bash
decision to give away shwag from last PLAN for medium question at bronco bash
crowbar discussed his trivia idea at bronco bash for shwag or candy and said joining the email list for cclub will be required to play

lyth named in charge of presentations
lyth wants to have full schedule of presentations asap
presentation time set for 7 PM thursdays just like last year
presentations will be weekly
cclub presentations will be published in order of reception
info about presentations will need to go on WMU events, WMU events channel, and Western Herald
ideas include linux for n00bs and using file formats across multiple platforms
more than enough ideas for presentations
idea to bring influential computer scientists to campus

need dates for PLAN XIII to narrow down and pick one
most of october and november open for PLAN XIII
need to be general about date for PLAN so we get people to show up
no agreement on PLAN date yet but nov 7, 14, and 21 still in play
flyers can be posted for special events and facebook events too

6:15 drc arrives
grg leaves for class at 6:20, lyth in charge of closing
lyth closes meeting at 6:32