17 Sep 2009

CCLUB Minutes September 17, 2009
2244 Kohrman Hall
Western Michigan University

President: grg
VP: butters
Treasurer: lyth
VP Finance: Smerky
Secretary: ryoungs (interim)

drc shows up at 5:31

butters opens meeting at 5:50 - grg and crowbar AWOL

jade arbitrarily sets first presentation for next week 9/24

smerky suggests to try and bring in someone to speak; spacey suggests next semester for that

smerky joined WSA 9/16 as a senator for CCLUB

PLAN dates… 10/7 too close, 10/17 central western, 11/21 rush.. these dates are a no-go

PLAN date set for November 7 @ Parkview, vote passes unanimously

TF2 and L4D on the agenda for PLAN for sure

Mario Kart a possibility… N64 or Wii TBD

Lyth in charge of reserving rooms for presentations

Crowbar shows up at 6 with Dwight

grg stayed up super late, has job

keys still unaccounted for– kyle, windows STILL have keys

gave away 5 shirts at bronco bash

phone call at 5:05, rancor’s boss

crowbar took a ton of sign-ups at bronco bash; needs to edit footer in mass message for one-click unsubcribe

8 PM presentation vote passes unanimously

butters leaves approx. 6:13 for class

do not order crap and have it sent to Kohrman, we’ll never see it

correct address is: Computer Science Department, Western Michigan University, 1903 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Crowbar will talk/e-mail Dr. Trenary to send new students and/or n00bs to presentation next week

meeting breaks into storytime tangent approx. 6:15

smerky will rep us at WSA– can get funding for us and good stuff

crowbar closes meeting at 6:29