01 Oct 2009

CCLUB Minutes September 24, 2009
2244 Kohrman Hall
Western Michigan University

President: grg
VP: butters
Treasurer: lyth
VP Finance: Smerky
Secretary: ryoungs (interim)

grg opens meeting 5:25

spacey nominates ryoungs to be secretary - rancor seconds

grg names ryoungs CCLUB secretary

PLAN XII date now set for November 14 - awaiting quorum of members

Crowbar mentions we should have OS install party on 10/24

Crowbar motions to move PLAN XII to Nov 14; butters seconds - vote passes unanimously

lyth shows up 5:41

smerky arrives 5:45

drc arrives 5:45

presentations now begin at 7:30 - 1720 CHEM

kneuts actually talks to girls

Need more game ideas for PLAN - Quake Live, UT3, and a console game, Halo ODST

counterstrike = chat room where you can kill each other

Need someone to design a PLAN t-shirt- zerg, laser

Crowbar automatically subscribed everyone with a yakko account to new mailing list - about 50 new addresses from Bronco Bash, message has one-click unsubscribe, is announce-only list

New ideas for geekouts on Saturday- bring people in to work on stuff (relevant class work), almost as if a study table – ideas include lyth’s game, c#, SQL

Crowbar motions for kneuts to do a presentation on how to talk to girls - motion passes unanimously

Upcoming Presentations
10/8 File Formats (ryoungs)
10/15 How to talk to Girls (kneuts)
10/22 Shell Scripting (rancor)
10/29 LDAP/Kerberos (ed)
11/5 Photoshop (zerg)
11/12 xna piegame (lyth)
11/19 Software RAID (cameron)
11/25 None - Thanksgiving
12/3 Network file systems (butters) – standby/open

Smerky says WSA budget is due by October 8

grg closes at 6:20 pm