08 Oct 2009

CCLUB Minutes October 8, 2009
2244 Kohrman Hall
Western Michigan University

President: grg
VP: butters
Treasurer: lyth
VP Finance: Smerky
Secretary: ryoungs

grg opens mtg 5:30

ed can do LDAP/Kerberos on 10/29

ryoungs presentation moved to 10/15

rancor moved to 10/22

Friendship Village to start in Movember and be bimonthly visits - first visits to be 11/7 and 11/21 - butters, kneuts, rancor, Smerky

zerg has prelim design so far for PLAN shirts, will have to find out if sponsors want to be on t-shirts – graphic arts society needs to be contacted

need to not scare off new interested non-members

meeting time needs to be advertised more explicitly in CS e-mails

rules for heroes of newerth? still needed

dwight skipped class
must tell Trenary

Crowbar will e-mail Kaminski every week with meeting time, presentation time and topic – also will start advertising PLAN on LAN party forums

OS install party on 10/24 – Time TBA

ryoungs volunteers to admin/update CCLUB Facebook Group Page

lyth is continuing to work on his video game

drc arrives 6:09

Smerky ate Spice Rice in front of everyone

butters closes mtg at 6:13