03 Dec 2009

CCLUB Minutes December 3, 2009
2244 Kohrman Hall
Western Michigan University

President: grg
VP: butters
Treasurer: lyth
VP Finance: Smerky
VP Operations: Crowbar
Secretary: scrabble

drc arrived early, imagine that!

grg opens 5:58

any available photos from PLAN should be made available

drc proposes ultimate power

PLAN 13 will take place on March 13

tournaments will include HoN, TF2, L4D2, CounterStrike 1v1

rancor wants dongs

mandatory office hours will start next semester

grg is graduating and butters will be promoted to president

unofficial meeting will take place during finals week at normal time

dot is a crappy old ibm server

grg closes at 6:31