14 Jan 2010

CCLUB Minutes January 14, 2010

2244 Kohrman Hall

Western Michigan University

President: butters

VP: ohnomrbill

Treasurer: lyth

VP Finance: Smerky

Secretary: scrabble

butters opens at 6:00

butters, smerky, and ohnomrbill nominated for president

drc arrives 6:10

butters elected president 6:17

ohnomrbill elected vice president 6:24

VP Operations seat vacated permanently

PLAN XIII set in stone for March 13

cokezero will spearhead effort for Friendship Village

jade must surrender treasurer duties fully to lyth

office hours need to be set up

office needs to be clean

rules need to be posted

butters will research new mobo for godpigeon and revisit issue next week

console PLAN idea tabled until next week

S2 Games tour @ S2 arena weds at 6 pm

presentations? lyth presenting on 1/21

meeting adjourned 7:06