28 Jan 2010

18:00 MEETING COMMENCES: butters presiding
18:05 Freshmen recruiting efforts discussed
18:09 Advertising for Plan 13 discussed
18:11 T-shirt designs discussed: Feb 12 is designated deadline for design submissions; a member must investigate vendors and prices for vote Feb 4
18:12 Console PLAN discussed: one-tournament limit enacted
18:13 PLAN SOP by ohnomrbill discussed and submitted on Yakko for review
18:13 Website updates discussed
18:17 New member inducted: nitrous
18:20 Presentations discussed: new “lightning-talk” format suggested and approved for tonight’s presentation session
18:22 Uber Yakko discussed: members requested for assistance rehabilitating the system 1400 - Saturday 30 Jan 2010 (GMT-5)
18:28 PLAN SOP read aloud by ohnomrbill to club members for review; SOP is approved and will be present on Captive portal providing LAN access at PLAN
18:30 New member welcomed: nitrous