04 Feb 2010

Kneuts sucks at taking minutes!
2/11 - Zerg "Mud Box"
2/18 - Travis "Personal Linux Servers"
2/25 - None - Spring Break
3/11 - Kneuts - "How to talk to girls"
3/18 - Drc/Smerky "Embeded Electronics 4 cs majors"
3/25 - Robert "Intro to Linux"
4/1 - Smerky "Roomba Hacking"
4/8 - DRC "G voice and Astrix"
Office Hours - Lyth and Smerky are going to put their names on the list
- Shirts - butters talked to Stu
- Lyth suggested moving the date because of ZvH
- We already decided on the day.
- Announced on the website today.
- Not a lot of people here to talk about it.
- Decided not to move it on.
6:14 drc arrives
Butters will make up a flyer for SET

Established a list of stuff we need to buy

Lyth wants to talk more about advertising
- There's a list on the Plan 13 general wave
Start Advertising now
We need a design for the shirt
If it's done in a week, we'll be good
Lyth is going to take care of the cabinets in the Burnhard Center
Uber in virtualization blows
Uber in native is still slower than yakko
Theoretically we can run more processes.
We need to find a way to backup yak
discussing complicated stuffs
Yakko doesn't pass ram tests anymore
Butters thinks we should replace yakko now.
Also suggested that we look into buying a new server - Do We have the money? no one knows
6:57 Meeting closed