01 Apr 2010

6:10 meeting begins kinda

DRC ambles in soon after.

Kyle has shaving problems but also has a fundraiser idea or something
He thinks the club should recycle used/old electronics, jewelry, etc. Ecophone has a program where you print out shipping labels, send stuff in and receive a check.
Includes receipts for tax exemption. We can also order promotional materials from their website. (A recycling pyramid scheme) If people drop off valuable equip. the club can keep it/resell it.
They take ink jet cartridges, cellphones, laptops, cellphone batteries, jewelry?, etc.
The school would possibly give the club money to operate this project (Green Initiative?).
Sounds badass. That’d be sweet says Butters.

Let’s buy a tv. Okay. Now we need money. Okay.

Summer PLAN: June 19
Advertising on website and a few forums, nothing big. Profit: Sell last PLAN t-shirts, charge for non-members (decision TBA)

Hackinac Island! DRC proposes spending a four day weekend hacking as much of Mackinac Island as possible. Nice.
Seems to be lots of interest among club members. Alternatively, a group could go to HOPE.
Hackinaw and Hackinac domain names available!

Butters passively aggresively tells everyone to stay on topic.

Friendship Village this weekend: Cokezero and Smerky?

Jessie’s info on renting a mobile arcade for Bronco Bash. $200/day for rental from KlassicArcade in Gobels, Michigan. Need to check with Bronco Bash organizers to make sure we’ll have enough power/Space.
Possibly co-rent the arcade with Red Button. WSA could possibly give us money, especially if two RSO’s are involved.

They also have two empty cabinets they would be willing to give us for free. Black one in rough shape but with better specs/Gray one is better shape without all the bling.
Jessie emailed Klassic Arcade and requested the black cabinet and getting a tube. Tubes approx. $80.

Pinballatthezoo.com: April 16th and 17th, $10, play pinball all day

Begin contacting possible sponsors: Greg (Balls!) Kyle (Danger Den)

Nominations for new officers: Rancor and Butters for President and also Vice President. Dylan for VP. Cokezero for Treasurer. Scrabble for Secretary. Kneuts for President (declined).
Think about nominations being done by secret ballot this year. DRC can set up a phonotron voting system. Voting will be April 15th.

Long term goal: Update Constitution

Keys and crap still seem to be a problem ^_^ and its really hot in HERE.

Presentation tonight: Tim with special guest Butters