17 Jun 2010

6-17-2010<br > <br > MAME:<br > *Moniter has been removed! (Still not safe to touch because it rechares over night)<br > *We have the led buttons, the work!<br > *to do: sand cabinet and prime. Already bought the stuff!<br > *discussion to purchase a heat gun, cheap, and will be helpful in stripping the vinyl off of the pannel.<br > *alternative: finding somewhere on campus to bend and mill a new pannel.<br > <br > PLAN E:<br > This weekend!<br > Friday, come by and set up.<br > Sat, 11am - midnight!<br > <br > Air conditioner broke :/<br > -fuse?<br > If we call maintence to fix it, we need to clean everthing. EVERYTHING.<br > <br > CS Cop<br > He’s starting up a hardware review site, wanted to see who’s intereseted, maybe to trade links back and forth, but mostly to do reviews for his site. He mentioned things like watercooling systems that are being given away on his forum. Things are being given away, for real, and he wants to branch out into software/tv applications as well. Site:www.BURNEDiN.com via Matt Page.<br > email:matt@burnedin.com<br > phone:269-978-0560<br > <br > We need to do fundraising!<br > One item listed on craigslist so far.<br > Discussion to sell the xraid.<br > Everyone likes it better than a cclub fileserver. Also, we could use that money to buy a tv and storage! We should probably give PhorceP a cut, that would be fair. <br > Basically, we have a ton of small stuff to sell on ebay, then build up our raiting. Then, sell the xraid for bank. <br > Vote to sell with all components: Passed.<br > <br > Minutes need to be revamped. We need to edit out profanity and un-necessary slang. These are public, and need to be useful. We need to go back and edit the minutes (old minutes) to preserve our reputation. Drc is to become a supscript of each meeting. <br > <br > Vote to approve review of minutes from prior meeting for clarity/consistency. Passed.<br > <br > <br >