24 Jun 2010

We need to fix the vlan script, it vlan’d the incorrect things at parkview. Someone needs to contact Cotton and figure out how to fix the script or what is wrong. We should also go rescan for ports in Parkview. Butters will contact Cotton. <br > <br > We started the MAME sanding, now will be using the heat gun to finish. Need to acquire a small putty knife, then sand after.<br > <br > Fundraising: Need to sell everything, we have the pictuers. Free for all, who ever sells the item gets 5%. Keep a record of who is selling what on a wave. <br > <br > 9/25/2010 PLAN:<br > Current game setup in the wave/minutes.<br > <br > Quake Live 1v1<br > HoN 3v3<br > Counterstrike<br > HALO (Console)<br > <br > Probably no t-shirts.<br > <br > HoN requires tons of advertising, the game needs to be bought. If we can’t get sponsorship, do we still want to do this?<br > <br > Kyle will contact sponsors once we decide what to play.<br > Games to vote on:<br > *Quake Live<br > *HoN<br > *UT2k4<br > *CS:S<br > *TF2<br > *L4D2<br > *L4D1<br > *Bad Company 2<br > *Battlefield 1942<br > *CoD2<br > *Robot Unicorn Attack<br > *Savage 2<br > *MAME Tourney of some sorts<br > *Warcraft III<br > *Starcraft<br > *DOTA<br > <br > <br >